Wind & Fire, The Presence & Work of the Holy Spirit

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Introduction to the Holy Spirit – September 15, 2022 – No Lesson

Lesson 1 – September 22

Lesson 2 – September 29

Lesson 3 – October 6

Lesson 4 – October 13

Lesson 5 – October 20

Lesson 6 – October 27

Lesson 7 – November 3

Lesson 8 – November 10

Lesson 9 – November 17

— Christmas Break — Nov. 8-Jan. 4

Small Group Reconnect – Jan 5 – No Lesson

Lesson 10 – January 12

Lesson 11 – January 19

Lesson 12 – January 26

Lesson 13 – February 2

Lesson 14 – February 9

Lesson 15 – February 16

Lesson 16 – February 23

Lesson 17 – March 2

Lesson 18 – March 9

— Spring Break — No Lesson — March 16

Lesson 19 – March 23

Lesson 20 – March 30

Spiritual Gift Assessment

Lesson 21 – April 6

Picnic – April 20


Helpful Hints in Our Exploration of the Holy Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit’s primary purpose is to point to and glorify Christ (so expect to see and talk a lot about Jesus).
  • This is not a “check off” type of intellectual study.  Explore and experience. Become comfortable with mystery.  Embrace uncertainty.  Some things aren’t explainable.  Relationships develop over time.
  • Because the Spirit points to Christ, use your spiritual “peripheral vision” to catch a glimpse of the Spirit Himself.  Look “sideways” instead of directly.  Sometimes the Spirit reveals Himself subtly.
  • Expect “picture” language to describe the Spirit and His work.  Symbols.  Metaphors. Images.
  • Because the Holy Spirit develops in us a clearer understanding and a greater love of God, His Son, and His Word, expect the Spirit to speak to you.  And remember, the Spirit works with the Word and through the Word, but never apart from the Word.  His words and actions are always consistent with Scripture.

Note 1:  This is a different type of study this year.  We will be following a thread throughout the Bible.  There are several verses in each lesson.  If you get lost, return to the title of the lesson to get re-oriented.  We are publishing an outline of the entire year with major headings.  Hopefully this will keep us focused.

Note 2:  There are only two columns this year instead of our usual four.  The first contains the Scriptures.  The second asks only one question, “How is the Holy Spirit revealed?”  This second column is Holy Spirit space and wide open for you to explore with His guidance.  Of course, you may continue to make observations.  But be prayerful and open to how the Spirit is leading you.  You may have an application, an insight, or questions.  Write down your thoughts and feelings because the Spirit leads through head, heart, and gut.

Our time together and in the Word is not meant to inform us only, but to involve us in a relationship, and ultimately to transform us.  Eugene Peterson encourages us to have “wide open space” in our hearts and minds.  Be ready to receive.  The Spirit comes with joy!