How We Study

Lamplighters includes three fundamental components: individual inductive Bible study, weekly podcast, and small group discussion and prayer.

If you are new to Bible study or just have questions about how to explore these lessons, we would love to talk with you!  We enjoy exploring with others!  Please email Jan or Lynn at:

Jan Skaggs
Lynn Adams

Inductive Bible Study – Since 2006, Lamplighters have used the inductive study method, which requires only an individual, a Bible, and the Holy Spirit to bring the Word of God alive. By studying inductively, we are more closely connected to what Scripture says to us at this particular time and place. Click here for a printable Inductive Bible Study bookmark to help guide your study.

Podcast – Each Monday our weekly podcast, taught by our Lamplighters Teaching Team, will be uploaded. Please click here to access the weekly podcast. 

Small Group – Lamplighters will meet in small groups of approximately 10 women to discuss the scripture, share applications to their own lives, and pray for one another. Discussing scripture in groups often brings new insights, and studying and praying with the same group over time increases our accountability and allows us to see how God is working in our own lives and in the lives of others.

Schedule – The Lamplighters year follows the school calendar. We begin in September, take a break between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and wrap up our study in mid-April. Wednesday morning Lamplighters do not meet when the Austin Independent School District is closed for holidays or bad weather.