Lamplighters has kept me grounded in the Word.  Since it is an inductive study, all participants contribute, shedding new light on passages, and sharing meaningful life applications.  The podcasts always provide deeper understanding and challenges.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to share with wonderful women our faith experiences.


An in-depth Holy Spirit directed Bible study, a praying sisterhood of Godly women, a joyful fellowship of Christ-centered friends, a support group to bear one another’s burdens and share one another’s joys, a safe place to be honest, transparent, and “real” … My soul, mind, and body are nurtured by Lamplighters! 


Lamplighters has had a profound effect on my life.  Through our studies I have developed a closer relationship with God and a deeper understanding of Biblical scripture.


Lamplighters has helped me love Jesus more and more!


Lamplighters provides friends with whom I can grow deep and meaningful relationships through Bible study and prayer.


I love being with Christian women to discuss God’s word and pray for one another.  This combination of scripture and fellowship has brought a richness to my faith that I did not know existed before Lamplighters. It was like going from black and white to living color!


It’s a joy to be in a weekly Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with such a wonderful group of women.  It is the highlight of my week!


Lamplighters is a lifeline for living a life of faith. It is a safe haven of friendship. It’s a place to reflect on scriptures whether they are verses new to you or verses that have become old friends over the years. Lamplighters is “a way” to support my desire to follow “The Way.”


I think Lamplighters it is about as close to the early Christian church as anything I know.  No experience I have had in my MANY! years of living has inspired such love for our Lord and His Word.  He sheds His light and love on me through Lamplighters.  The opportunity to learn, grow, and honestly share my faith journey with other Christ-seeking women is among the greatest blessings in my life.


Lamplighters is a community of thoughtful, creative, engaged women who are eager to hear from God and build relationships that last.

—Pastor Jon

“I had never been in a Bible study before Lamplighters, and I was worried that I couldn’t keep up. Frankly, there were weeks when I didn’t ‘get it’ and wondered whether Lamplighters was for me. But I stuck with it and God did something wonderful – He increased my desire to study and learn, and He showed me how the Bible is relevant to my life today. Some weeks are still hard, but God is always faithful.”

—L, Lamplighter since 2005

“For years I thought I was too busy raising children and singing to have time for regular Bible study, but friends kept inviting me. Over the years Lamplighters has been a root of joy and strength in my life. Frankly, without the inspired Biblical teaching, faithful example of the leaders, and the prayer support of Godly women, I would not have been equipped for the huge challenges in my life. I only wish I had started to dig into God’s Word sooner. As wives, mothers, grandparents, and friends, Lamplighters help us ‘light the way’ for all those we love.”

—K, Lamplighter since ???

“I came to Lamplighters to help out my daughter at the beginning of the study. Her baby was only six weeks old and could not be placed in childcare. I sat in on one of the small groups to help with the baby and was hooked. Even after the baby was old enough for the nursery, I stayed with Lamplighters. I have been in Bible study with a group from my church, and when I told them about my love for Lamplighters, we decided to become a Lamps on Location group.”

—J, Lamplighter since 2011

“I participated in the Friday Morning Women’s Bible study at Covenant in the mid-‘80s. Then I went back to teaching and missed it terribly, but had no time to come. When I retired, I immediately came back to Lamplighters and have been here for seven years now.  Studying God’s Word and sharing/bonding/praying with remarkable Christian women has blessed my life! I love it!”

—M, Lamplighter since 2005

“I moved to Austin eight years ago and a friend directed me to Lamplighters.  It became an anchor for me as I built relationships and had a new community to support me.  Each year I make new friends and grow stronger in my relationship with the Lord!!”

—C, Lamplighter since 2004

“When I moved to Austin, I didn’t know anyone except my children. I very much missed my friends and wanted to make friends as quickly as possible. I realized that in such a big church as Covenant, the only way to make friends was in small groups.  I had previously been in BSF, and was delighted to find Covenant had a similar study. I now feel that not only have I been blessed with wonderful studies, and have learned how to do it inductively, but I am blessed by knowing many of the women in the church, and they have greatly enriched my life.”

—G, Lamplighter since 2001