Kitchen Table Talks

photo credit: Missy Ballantyne, Lamplighter

Kitchen Table Talks…a modern venue for centuries-old conversations.

We were meant to be in community. To do life together.

For centuries women have gathered in places to share stories and discuss the news of the day. Over the years, these places of gathering have changed from water wells and fire pits to kitchen tables and coffee shops. Venues may evolve, but our need to be in community, to fellowship, remains.

An outreach of Lamplighters Bible Study, Kitchen Table Talks are a series of informal meetings for women to gather around the table for encouragement about things that matter most in life. Hosted at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 3003 Northland Drive, Austin, Texas 78757, Kitchen Table Talks are open to the public and offer free child care, with a reservation.

Please check back soon for information about our next Kitchen Table Talk.