Lamplighters Christmas in July

Imagine it’s mid-December. Crisp air fills shorter days. Anticipation abounds. Your heart and soul are warmed by glowing embers as you read devotions aloud to your attentive family who are peacefully nestled under a handmade quilt next to a crackling, wood burning fire.


Sometimes holiday fantasies are just that…fantasy! Fueled by Normal Rockwell images and, more recently, bombarded by the perfection purported on Pinterest! Disclaimer – I love Pinterest. I especially love Pinterest in July when the longer days allow for a little extra indulgence. But, Pinterest at Christmas?  You get the picture…

Last December, several Lamplighters were chatting – as Lamp Ladies tend to do, about wonderful books, Advent activities, and devotionals. The only problem was, for the most part, these resources landed in our laps, or we remembered them, a day late and a nickel short, as the saying goes. Like finding the perfect Advent calendar on December 19th. We made note to share some of our favorite Christmas ideas with you, in a timely manner, and Lamplighters Christmas in July was born. The miracle is not in the ideas, but that we remembered to share them at all.

Our intent is not to add more to your Christmas ‘to-do’ list. Rather, we hope to inspire you with Christ-centered traditions early enough for you to pray about and plan which ones might work for you and your family. On the list, you won’t find tips for creating fancy packages with recycled candy wrappers and scented pinecones or the latest chocolate, marshmallow, peanut butter, cake pop, mason jar DIY craft. We’ve kept the list simple, and hope it will kindle a flame that will burn brightly now and in December.

Emmanuel means God with us. It’s a promise. Not just for December 25th, but for today. And always.

Come join us on Pinterest for a list of ideas collected from our midst. All the ideas you love in December, but wish you had thought about in July! You’ll find a free printable to start a Jesse Tree, several classic children’s books, a daily devotional focused on rediscovering the meaning of Christmas, and links to inspiring blog posts and series.

By all means, this list is not exhaustive! We’d love your input, too – send an email to with links to your favorite Christmas ideas and we’ll pin them to our board.

Merry Christmas, friends!


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